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The Czech Republic

One of the Most Prosperous and Stable of the Post-Communist Nations

Flag of the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic has made a remarkable transformation since the fall of communism. It is now a pluralist multi-party representative democracy, and a member of the EU and NATO. It is also ranked as the most democratic in Europe and the third most peaceful country in Europe.

Most of the economy has been privatized, including banks and telecom companies. Even the energy sector is in process of being privatized. Growth has been led in part by exports to the EU, especially Germany, and also foreign investment.

The Czech Republic maintains most of its architectural charm. It went largely untouched during World War II, thereby maintaining its glorious historic past. As a result, the nation gets a big boost from tourism. In recent years, Prague, the capital, was Europe’s sixth most visited city.

Uniquely Czech

The Czech Republic is bustling with music, art, theater and drama. The geography is varied, as well as the people. The majority of resident are Czechs (63.7 percent), followed by Moravians (4.9 percent) and Poles (0.2 percent). In the 2011 census, 26 percent of respondents left their nationality field blank, which was an option.

The country has been recognized as having the highest human development in Central and Eastern Europe, ranking as a “Very High Development” nation.

This rapid assimilation into a free market economy presents great opportunity for the real estate sector.

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