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The French Republic

The World’s Fifth-Largest Economy and Europe’s Second-Largest Economy

Flag of FranceAnyone who has ever been to France knows its magic – it’s the most-visited country in the world with an estimated 79.5 million foreign tourists annually, more than the entire population of France (estimated at 65.8 million as of 2011).

But France is also an economic powerhouse, with 39 of the world’s biggest companies in 2010. In fact, in the Fortune Global 500, France ranks fourth (behind the U.S., Japan and China) but first in Europe, ahead of Germany and the U.K.

As a highly developed country and member of the G8 group of leading industrialized countries, France has the second-largest exclusive economic zone in the world and is a major power with strong cultural, economic and political influence.

Wealthy, Healthy and Strong

France is the wealthiest nation in Europe and the fourth-wealthiest in the world. The French enjoy a very high standard of living, a very high public education level and one of the world’s longest life expectancies. France has been listed as the world’s best overall health care provider by the World Health Organization.

France also has a very diverse and mixed economy, with the third-largest recipient of direct foreign investment among OECD countries.

The real estate system in France is advanced and holds great market opportunity for both the present and the future.

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