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Wealth Building

KW Cumulitive Profit ShareThe KW wealth building model is built around the premise that our associates actively participate in building the dominant real estate company in their market and the opportunity to reap the accompanying financial rewards.

At Keller Williams Realty, our associates are our full business partners – it’s one of our core values, and our commitment to our wealth building platform underscores this commitment. Click on the video player below to learn more about growth and profit share.

Through our profit share (U.S. and Canada) and growth share (worldwide) systems, KW recognizes and rewards associates for helping to grow the company. Our wealth building platforms ensure that our associates have passive income well after their last real estate deal is closed.

Together, these two models create the most significant compensation innovation in the real estate industry.

Why two models? Because of legal and financial limitations, profit share is not possible in all the countries we plan to expand into. Because growth share will be distributed across borders all over the world, including the U.S. and Canada, we’ve developed two different yet synergistic systems. And while the programs may vary from country to country, it’s key that we provide an opportunity to build wealth for those associates who help us to grow.

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