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Keller EducationKeller Williams Realty is committed to understanding and delivering customized training and coaching solutions in every country we enter. We’ll work closely with the franchise leadership to understand the local market and deliver educational solutions that make sense for your market and your business.

At the center of our progressive, learning-based culture is Keller Williams University, or KWU. Our completely comprehensive curriculum addresses every aspect of your business whether you’re an accomplished power producer or a brand new agent. All of our 60+ courses are based on proven models, systems and tools that increase productivity and success.

Keller Williams Realty is also home to one the real estate industry’s top tier coaching programs, MAPS Coaching, led by President, Dianna Kokoszka, whose programs have a profound impact on the careers of thousands of real estate professionals.

KWConnect, our online learning portal brings anytime/anywhere learning directly to our associates. Content includes best practices from mega producers, script and dialogues, technology resources and more.

Powerful Events

This company-wide annual “Family Reunion” meeting features more than 150 breakout sessions and clinics, important economic and industry trend sessions and renowned guest speakers. With more than 9,000 attendees, it’s the largest real estate franchise event in the industry.

There are at least three other major networking and education opportunities designed to educate, boost and sharpen the focus of agents and leadership. These include the Masterminds program, Mega Camp and Skills Camp.

By bringing high-achievers together to learn from one another, Masterminds gives attendees an opportunity to learn one another’s best practices and walk away with specific tactics for their business. Mega Camp and the Skills Camp series provide real estate training and networking of the highest level.

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